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Outreach to Date

From the time the project kicked off in 2006, through the entitlement process which began in 2009, to today’s construction activities, ownership has worked consistently with the City of Inglewood and residents to keep the community informed of progress on the site, hear concerns and evolve the partnership with local stakeholders. The outreach team has made regular presentations to:

  • Inglewood religious congregations
  • Business and civic organizations
  • Educational and parent groups
  • Block clubs
  • Homeowner's associations

Additionally, the team has hosted a number of community charrettes and town halls to capture public feedback and sentiment. Ownership has been a proud community partner and participates in annual city-wide community events including Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Hispanic Heritage Day, Thanksgiving Turkey give-away, the Christmas tree lighting ceremony and toy drive along with neighborhood Block Club BBQ’s and Council District events.

Benefits to the Region

The new Los Angeles Stadium and Entertainment District is expected to generate hundreds of millions in new annual economic activity across the greater Los Angeles region.

Benefits to the City of Inglewood

The City of Inglewood’s general fund is expected to receive tens of millions in revenue annually from the Los Angeles Stadium and Entertainment District at Hollywood Park. According to initial estimates the City is expected to receive $13 million in sales tax revenue during construction from equipment and materials purchases alone. The region will benefit through various avenues including ticket taxes, sales tax from retail operations, property taxes and a hotel occupancy tax. These funds will help balance the budget, improve and expand city services and infrastructure, enhance public safety and maintain open green space. Revenues from the project also will fund new after-school sports programs.