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SoFi Stadium Mobile App

Mobile Ticketing Guide

All Hollywood Park venues, including SoFi Stadium, are 100% mobile ticket entry. Printouts or screenshots of tickets will not be accepted. For a quicker entry, please add your mobile ticket to your mobile wallet before arriving at SoFi Stadium.

Your Ticketmaster ticket is accessible via the Ticketmaster app or Ticketmaster.com on your mobile device. If you purchased or received transferred tickets on Ticketmaster.com, click here or download the Ticketmaster app. For suite tickets, stadium tours, tickets purchased directly from Account Manager or tickets transferred through Account Manager, click here.

1How do I know where to access my tickets?

Check the email confirmation from your ticket purchase or ticket transfer.

• If your ticket is from Ticketmaster.com, click here or download the Ticketmaster app.

• If your ticket was sent to you from SoFi Stadium, follow the instructions for Account Manager by clicking here. Please make sure to login using the same email address used to purchase your tickets.

2How do I add my tickets to my mobile wallet?

Login to and select the desired ticket(s), and a barcode will display. If you have multiple tickets, swipe side-to-side to view all your ticket barcodes. Select “Add to Wallet” for iOS devices or “Save to Phone” for Android devices.

3Can I have multiple tickets on the same phone?

Yes, but we highly recommend transferring tickets to each attendee, prior to your arrival at SoFi Stadium, to expedite your entry at the gates.

4How do I transfer my tickets?

Login and click the Transfer button to send tickets to others. Select the tickets you would like to send and include the recipient’s information to send to. The recipient will receive an email or text message to accept the tickets.

5How do I resell my tickets?

Once logged in and after selecting your event, click the Sell button to post your tickets for resale.

NFL Tickets

To access your tickets for NFL events, please click here to manage your Rams tickets and click here to manage your Chargers tickets.

SoFi Stadium Mobile App

We're hard at work on creating a new mobile app experience for our SoFi Stadium guests. Please click here to be notified when our new mobile app experience is ready!